February 1: design and buying materials

So to prepare for the February uke, I need to gather the materials and whatnot together now. I can only work on this Saturdays, so if I’m determined to finish this in Feb. I need to start now really.

Here’s the final design for the ‘white’ ukulele. It will be a soprano not a baritone or tenor as envisioned. The head stock may be a scroll head because this thing is going to be like a cello.


Need to practice on some scraps to see if I can make a scroll head, but I reckon I can do it.

This one will be a solid body as well. It’s expensive to order hardwood in the dimensions needed but I found a solution. Chopping boards… that’s right, the elegant cello like ukulele will be made out of chopping boards. Beech wood in this case.

Hopefully I’ll have some work to show next week. Until then, keep on strumming!


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