February 3: Progress is sacrificing your fingers

After another week of no progress, I was determined to do something this week! Here is a day’s work (and a lot of cuts on fingers)

DSCF6819 DSCF6820 DSCF6821

So here it is so far. Waiting on my bridge and strings to arrive, but it will in no doubt be finished for February.

Was originally going to be a solid body silent uke wit a piezo transducer to make it electric, but after seeing the plans from circuitandstrings’ electric uke, I wanted to give it a go: https://circuitsandstrings.wordpress.com/free-plans/

This was the first eleuke I’ve made from scratch. I’ve made the gakken electric guitar kit, but I’ve never dealt with ferrules and grounding bridges. Looked at the electric guitars at the music department, and spoke a lot with electronics to get my head around things. Even asked Daniel from circuitsandstrings a question or two. He’s an awesome guy! Hopefully, I’ll have it all finished and explained next week!


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