February 5: No bridge to March

With the absence of my bridge, I’ve come to a holt.


I’ve managed to solder the pickup to the plug (red wire) and also did the same for the ground wire for the bridge (green wire.) Because I want this to appear like it’s one solid body, I’ll be gluing the two body halves together and then proceed to sanding and painting. But without the bridge, I cannot proceed any further…

I need it to mark off where to drill holes, both for the strings and the bridge itself. I’ll also need to connect the ground wire to the bridge by some means. Does it need soldering? Who knows?

Bridge is coming from China as, by madness, nowhere in the entirety of the U.K. do they sell black electric ukulele bridges. I’ve searched, and found chrome every now and then, but no black. I’m hoping it will arrive Monday, so to kill time, I’ve started work on March’s uke.


The idea for March is a fretless ukulele. I’m not sure whether or not to paint in frets to help with playing, or just to have the fret markers. Either way, I’m ready to go.

DSCF6859 DSCF6860

The head stock is a design from circuitsandstrings, in particular from his electric uke plans.

I’ll be updating on a near daily basis this week, mainly because it’s half term and I don’t have to teach, and mainly because the boredom of doing nothing will drive me to suicide. Either way, I’ll be busy.


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