February 6: One coat away

Yes! That damn bridge came today and I pretty much set out to finish this uke. Went into college to use the pillar drill in Physics, was surprised to see people working (besides non-teaching staff.) Anyway, here are the snap shots of the progress. DSCF6863

Here is the lovely pillar drill. Forgot my keys, so had to ask reception to borrow some. Sometimes I really appreciate being part of Maths and Physics.

DSCF6864 DSCF6865

So I drilled in the necessary holes for the bridge, and on the reverse for the string ferrules. Ended up with one counter sunk hole being off, but nothing I can do now.


Raced home and glued the whole body together. The electronics was done prior. The ground wire for the bridge can be seen poking out.


I did a lot of sanding, and then did a quick job with some wood filler. Sanded again, and added bits and pieces here and there, like a dip for the nut. With everything done, I proceeded to painting. I opted for wood dye, as I wanted to keep the grains. A quick look at the instructions, TWO HOUR DRY TIME! Hence now I am here. I’m hoping to do a couple of coats? A couple of dyes? Whichever the proper term.

Tomorrow looks like the final date line, but parents are visiting… Damn the people who gave life to me!


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