February 7: The ‘monochrome’ ukulele

It’s done (kind of.) February’s ukulele: the ‘monochrome’ ukulele is done!

Started the coats of varnish and it’s another waiting game…


Pretty soon I was checking out the assembly. It’s lloking good!


Had to glue the fretboard on. While that was happening, I did all the screwing for the pieces that needed it.


And before I knew it, it was done!

DSCF6974 DSCF6975

Here it is with December’s and January’s ukes.


Here it is rocking with my Mandelbrot set T-shirt!

DSCF6979 DSCF6980

And some more pics. Will need to get the nut sorted as it’s not level, so the action on the higher pitch strings is too high. Thin wires with high actions is not a great mix. Once that’s done, I’ll probably put a video of it in action up. It sounds like a dream at the moment though!

DSCF6982 DSCF6983

Would have more pics, but the camera died. Next up is March’s uke!


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