March 4: The ‘wanderer’ ukulele

March’s namesake is ‘wanderer.’ I tried to capture the feeling of wandering with this uke, hence, that’s why it is fretless.


I also added a nice surprise to help players, inspired by the Tolkien quote ‘not all who wander are lost.’


It needs a quick charge though…


Please click the image. You can see the fret markers as well, then.

My camera cannot capture its beauty, nor can it do it justice, but the fret markers and sound hole are glow in the dark. I had some thermoplastic left from my prop making days, so I mixed in some glow in the dark pigment. The result is very pleasing, I wish you could see it.


And here it is, the 4th uke with the rest, and we’re quarter of the way there. April’s uke will be a while, I’ll be working on it during Easter holiday (assuming I’m not dead from work before that…)


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