May 3: Don’t rush a good thing

I had to learn proof by induction and teach it today. It was nice, and I got to see some nice Maths but it turns out, it turned my brain to mush. How so? Well…


Above you can see the testing rig I made for my tiny little 7 inch scale uke. I need to test some strings, and see which was usable.

Being all Physics like, I was heading into it like an experiment, there you can see some high tension classic guitar strings, ukulele banjo strings, soprano uke strings from aquila, and I’m waiting on some 40lb fishing line as well.

So the problem? That testing rig I built, which I used a jigsaw as a router (don’t ask,) has one huge flaw. Obviously, all that Maths and mock marking this week led me astray as that has a 7cm scale length,,, not 7 inch.

So I’m putting off the experiment to later. I might have started tomorrow depending how long open day is at college.

On other news, I came into contact with Chris Reed, or ProfChris, of the Reed tiny fame! He’s the one who suggested the ukulele banjo strings, and some helpful tips. The internet is a great thing!


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