May 5: It’s not a box!

So open day wasn’t so bad, actually had a good turn out. Plus I got to see one of my favourites play his sax. I had some time, so I worked on the body today.

DSCF7708 DSCF7707

The walls would be impossible / useless if I made them out of the same thick pine sheets I’ve been using, so I had to rethink a lot of things.

Ended up with the design above. I had two curved blocks to shape the wood veneer, which will make up the sides, and the front & back panels. I’ll be layering up one or two more sheets of veneer just to strengthen everything, so this was a new experience. Both having to think about how veneers works, and the fact the whole thing was tiny to work with.

I will probably make another uke with veneer, probably a normal soprano sized one.


It’s closed to being completed body-wise, but the strings will be the hassle. I will need to play around with that. But above you can see how far I got, it’s not much but it’s started to look like an uke now.


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