May 7: The twins tiny

Having sometime off today (good old bank holiday Monday to thank for that) I’ve gotten pretty far on, what I’m calling, the ‘twins.’


Here they are next to the ‘wanderer’ uke. March’s uke, if fact all the ones I’ve made so far, are standard soprano scales (if not a tad bit shorter.)

The twins have a tiny 7 inch scale length, and it shows. Below are the two on top of the wanderer uke, and on top of a bugs gear plastic uke.


The overall length is going to be under 9 inches for both of them, the zither pins will be sticking out quite badly (or at least in proportion to the uke.)

There’s a theme going on with each of the twins, one being based on curves (the older sibling) and the other on trapeziums. Each has to do with what I feel about in May, I couldn’t decided which was most important, because both emotions are. So that’s why there’s two.

Those of you who are observant will have noticed that the younger trapezium sibling has a jack. As far as I know, I haven’t seen an electric uke this small.

I can hardly believe how small they are. Just checked up the  length of the kala pocket uke, and it’s 16 inches!!! I’m not sure how small the Reed Tiny is, but I’m sure ProfChris told me he made it with a 6 3/4 inch scale length. Mine might not be the smallest, but it’s still pretty tiny.

Though I’m still hoping I’ve made the smallest electric-acoustic uke (so far) at least.


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