Side project: The Spectrum

So, though I’ve stopped work on the uke a month project for work, I still found myself building one.

I’m calling this uke the (absorption) Spectrum.


The aim of the Spectrum was supposed to be an easy design that could be built in about 3 hours.

The whole concept was for the uke to be like a solid body, but with a hollow body. Right, so a normal uke then? Sounds kind of obvious, but I lack a better description than that.

DSCF7748 DSCF7749

Above you can see what I mean. I hollowed out the body with a router (but this took ages. Longer than my time frame.) The headstock was also part of the body, but I cut a little notch on the reverse before tilting the head back and gluing it.

DSCF7759 DSCF7760 DSCF7761 DSCF7762 DSCF7763

Once I was ‘happy’ I glued the back to the front, and it was basically done.

DSCF7766 DSCF7767

I drilled out holes for the machine heads, glued on the bridge and fretboard, both of which are rosewood, and got it ready for a paint job.

DSCF7768 DSCF7769

Went with black, as I had an idea in mind. This is why it’s called the Spectrum.

DSCF7771 DSCF7781 DSCF7782

Rainbow frets! I love it!

DSCF7785 DSCF7786 DSCF7787 DSCF7788

Here it is stringed with some temporary strings. I have low g on all my ukes, but this one is going out to a friend, so I’ll swap them out to standard tuning.

I loved the design so much, I made a shirt as well!

DSCF7790 DSCF7789

That’s how sad I am! Anyway, it was a god idea, but I can make it better. Please look forward to an improved Spectrum in the future.

Here is a video that I did as a sound test. It is loud! Well, compared to the other ukes I’ve made.

Now, let’s actually do some work, and of course, get June’s ukulele sorted.


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