June 5: An utter failure

Yeah, I’m not going to finish June’s uke in this month. Hopefully, I’ll have sometime this weekend (or probably not) but I won’t finsih. So this will be the first uke I didn’t finish in time for… though I did do two for May, so maybe that makes it up?



June 4: the sky

I asked my mum, what does the blue remind you of. Her reply was the sky… Close enough 

Hoping to finish this one and another off soon. 

June 2: Skeletons in the closet

Hi, I’ve been busy with a couple of things, but I’ve finally come back to the uke a month project.

It’s not much but here it is.


Had to change the headstock design as I realised having 8 inline tuners would make it longer than the fretboad :S

Anyway, it may not look like much but hopefully it’ll be finished soon.