June 6: Fixing Broken Promises

So, June has been a month of broken ukes for me. Not only did I not finish the ‘wave’ ukulele, I found a huge flaw while making an uke for a friend. I had to think things through again, and basically I gave up on a lot of projects in favour of starting from scratch.

So from scratch, here is the ‘wave ukulele’ build process.


Here is the wooden skeleton, and the fretboard being glued on. I opted for concert size this time around, because I recently had some spare from making my friend’s uke.


Here it is after I burnt my fingers on plastic yet again. I opted for more dark blue than the previous one.


Here it is after some work done on it, and the tuners put in for measurements or whatnot, I don’t know.


And here is the latest picture. I’m very surprised at the speed this has come out in, as this is the second day I’ve worked on this uke. It only needs the strings put on now, but I’ll wait a bit for everything to settle first.

I’ve also made the huge mistake of not angling my headstock far down enough, so the strings do not stay on the nut. This might end up as a decorative uke, which is a shame. I will do my best to make it sing though! I might have to force it onto the nut some how, which I don’t really want to do. Oh well.


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