Side project 3: If you don’t paint it

So, my ‘quick uke’ project was basically a question I needed answering. Can you make an uke in 6 hours. Finally, I know the answer. If you don’t paint it, yes, yes you can.


We have gotten to this stage at about 5hrs. A quick trip to the Notthingham Hackspace made sanding the headstock quicker. I mean a lot quicker! I love belt sanders.


Once the headstock was done, the holes were drilled for the machine heads, and pretty much everything is done now! All it needs is a paint job.

IMG_0246 IMG_0247

I will however, be painting this uke. So as a proof of concept, I think it worked. I spent in total, just over 6 hours of work on this thing, and it’s nice to think all it needs is some string and it’d done. But with paint work, that’ll be another 4 hours I think, to get all those coats, and then sealers or varnish, so I think I’ll say ‘you can make an uke in 6 hours’ but as long as you don’t paint it.


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