August 2: july too

See what I did there? With the title?


August: End of summer

Hello, it’s certainly been a while. I am glad to say July’s and August’s ukuleles are done.

July’s namesake is ‘parallel.’ July is a time when I step from my work life to, well, my own life. It is literally like a parallel world for me. Due to work, I am constantly out of a social life, but when the summer comes I have nothing but no social lide :S


The purple half is a concert ukulele with machine heads, along with Worth low g strings. The green half is a soprano, tuned by zither pins, and equipped with Aquila standard tuning strings. We have two very different ukuleles, a very parallel world situation here.

I wanted to think of this uke as the best of both worlds

IMG_0587 IMG_0586 IMG_0585 IMG_0584 IMG_0583

August’s namesake is ‘mega.’ It is homage to one of my favourite games, and to the long lazt summer days as a child, when I would play the games. It was almost called the ‘rock’ ukulele.


Here you can see the front panel with some sprites engarved in.


The headstock has the much needed E tank.

IMG_0590 IMG_0591

The back panel features boss characters from the games.

IMG_0592 IMG_0593

I am quite happy with what I learnt from these two ukes. These were actually prototypes for a laser cut ukulele, that turned out so well because of these two ukes, and what I learnt from them. Here is that laser cut ukulele.


From now on, I will be leaving the woodwork out, and be designing my ukuleles purely from the laser cutter. I think it is the way forward for my designs. Now to think about September’s ukulele!

July 2: August too

July’s ukulele is late. I know, it’s startng to become a habit. I scrapped the original project for July’s uke in favour of using the laser cutting (which is possibly now my significant other.)


Here you can see I’ve cut out cross sections which will pile up to form the body.

IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0424

Above you can see the beginning of August’s uke. My quick uke side project originally was to build an uke in 3 hours. I did that in just under about half an hour. It looks possible 🙂


Here you can see the two (or three) ukes about ready for some more work.

IMG_0477 IMG_0478 IMG_0479

August’s uke is dedicated to a game I grew up with, the Mega Man series.


So July’s uke needs its front and back panels, and then I can do some sanding, and gluing, but then it will be done… or ready for a paint job.