September 4: the ‘black hole’ ukulele

September’s uke is done, if a little late. Spent 3 days waiting for some aquila lava string only to get impatient and put Worth brown string on.

September’s namesake is ‘black hole’ and it represents that dark feeling you have. Be it depression, a bad day, or realising you’re not loved, the black hole ukulele is meant to symbolise that. It literally sucks everything in and lets nothing escape.

IMG_0747 IMG_0746 IMG_0750 IMG_0749 IMG_0748

Like real black holes, at the centre is a star (or a hole of a star.) This has its own meaning as well. No matter how dark things get, there’s always a glimmer of hope there. The star on the uke (or lack of) is the single hope I have. A single star I have to wish upon.

IMG_0752 IMG_0751

Here’s a video of the damn thing!


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