November: my uke

It is November, and perhaps maybe more importantly, the month I came into being. I’ve never celebrated my birthday really, I don’t particularly get the idea of fussing over the anniversary of your birth, but I thought I should at least dedicate this month’s uke to myself.

I love cartoons. I really love animation, and I think we’re in a golden age of cartoons at the moment. I have absolutely fallen in love with these shows, and if you don’t recognise them, I have to ask you to leave right now, go to youtube and search any of the following: steven universe; adventure time; gravity falls; and/or over the garden wall.

Anyway, I think cartoons are a big part of my life, so here is November’s uke. It has no namesake, but if it did I would probably call it the ‘coo’ uke 🙂

IMG_0468 IMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0472 IMG_0474 IMG_0475 IMG_0476 

This was the last solid wood uke I built. So in a sense this was the last ‘traditional’ build. I took everything I learnt about working with wood, and put it into this uke.

Ok, so I cheated a little. I actually made this in the summer. I had my reasons. I’ve given this uke away already to the person I look up to and call a hero, so it’s with them now. In order to get it to them in time, I had to cheat. I think this uke was always meant to be given to them anyway. They will porbably love it more than me, and I think it suits them more, seeing as they are super ‘coo.’ There is a sneaky thank you inside the body as well, if you’re reading this!

And to finish everything off nicely, here it is again, a time-lapsed video of it being built:

Only one more uke now until this uke-a-month project is done!!! I am putting everything I’ve learnt into this one. The November uke will always be my best, so maybe this 13th one will be the 2nd best?


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