December 5: Almost done

This morning (by which I mean soon after I awoke) I managed to get a few more things done.


So, after leaving the paint and varnish to dry over night, made made up some coloured plastic for the dots. Purple and violet were a pain to make. Apparently red powder paint has yellow pigments in it, and blue has green. Who knew? So if you mix red and blue powder together, you actually mix yellow and green in there as well. I ended up making brown a lot.

Managed to make purple by finding a ratio between red and blue, and finding the smallest amount hence lowering the content of other colours, but for the life of me, I couldn’t get violet. No warm reds or cool blues I mixed together got me it, it was always brown. The closest I got was a slightly darker purple, so I gave up.


Here it is with the dots in place. the varnish is starting to yellow as well 😦 can’t do much about that now.


And here it is with everything but strings. I will string it later as I want everything to settle first. The glue under the bridge needs curing still, and over all the varnish still needs the time to probably cure.

But it is almost done. I suppose I need to make some sort of final video to celebrate 12 months of uke making?


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