December 6: The 13th ukulele

So the uke-a-month project is finally done and dusted. A year ago this month I made my first ukulele. It’s been a very interesting trip getting to the end, and hopefully I made a few decent ukes along the way.

Here are the ukes in chronological order:

December 2014: The ‘death’ ukulele


January 2015: The ‘hole’ ukulele


February: The ‘monochrome’ ukulele


March: The ‘wanderer’ ukulele


April: The ‘bonsai’ ukulele


May: The ‘heartfelt’ & ‘heartbroken’ ukulele


June: The ‘wave’ ukulele


July: The ‘parallel’ ukulele


August: The ‘mega’ ukulele


September: The ‘black hole’ ukulele


October: The ‘autumn’ ukulele


November: This is a stand in. I suppose it’s the prototype.


and without further ado, this month’s and the last ukulele’s namesake is the 13th. I actually finished it a while ago but couldn’t be arsed to do all this. When it was done, I sort of just thought it’s over.


I decided to go pineapple with this one. Turns out it wasn’t such a good decision in the end, as it is a lot quiter than some of the better ones. I tried to take everything I learnt from the other 12, and shove them into this one.


I went with rainbow frets, and strung it with Worth strings (low G of course.) It’s a concert sized uke, with 17 frets like I usually do. Other than that, there’s not a lot I can say really.

Here’s the Vlog. If you just want to hear the last uke, probably best to skip towards the end, as I go through all the other 12.

A big shout out to the ukulele community, and you as well. The person who started this all was Daniel from circuitsandstrings. Without his travel uke plans, I’d probably not have done this project, and possibly never have made a uke in the first place.


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