…But there can be an end


Have you seen my lunchbox?

So, the tupperware box ukulele has been finished!


Sounds decent enough, here’s the video:


And yes, some lost their lunch box.

Whoa, Bendy

Attached the neck, but boy is that box bendy :S

We’re going to have to see if the string tension is going to do anything to it, other than add vibrato all the time.


Lunch box

After reading Got A Ukulele’s rather… blunt review on the Alic Ukulele, I thought ‘why not?’

So, before I get into my project, I have to say the Alic Ukulele is probably, hands down, my favourite ukulele. I’ve had it for little under a week and it is just brilliant. Please check it out. I, for one, am impressed with the Alic, and likewise the Flea. It’s just that the Alic right now, is a much better investment for me.

Anyway, it is the sound of the Alic which made me fall head over heels, and in Got A Ukulele’s review, one line stood out. It was “but really… Wooden neck attached to plastic lunchbox”

And I thought, what sound would come from a wooden neck attached to a plastic lunch box? If it’s like the Alic, or the Flea that that takes after, then maybe we’ll be seeing more plastic backed ukes.


No lunch box, but I had a 1.4L tubberware box, so let’s see how this turns out. 😀 And here I thought my ukulele making days were numbered.